Well done to Stuart, our Candidate of The Term Winner!

Here at Academic Appointments, we appreciate our candidates and the hard work that they provide in schools, which is why we developed the ‘Candidate of the Term’ award!

This terms’ ‘Candidate of the Term’ winner is …Stuart Lonsdale!

Stuart received the longest nomination I have ever read and the vote was unanimous!

Christopher Wilson, Director of 6th Form at Outwood Grange Academy submitted the following nomination for Stuart on behalf of Arthur Newman, Head of DT and fully supported by himself as SLT Link and by Principal, Sabiha Laher.

“I have received your email on 'Candidate of the Term' and I would like to nominate Stuart Lonsdale. Stuart is, first and foremost a fantastic teacher and one of the most supportive people I have ever had the privilege to work with - I know the rest of DT will echo that sentiment. He is an integral member of the department and, in the last few years, Stuart has demonstrated, not only his passion for DT, but more so his attributes as a team player. I would like to highlight a few of the things he has done to contribute to the department/school. 

  1. He has taken on a Yr 7 food class, having not taught the subject before, and has demonstrated his professionalism by always being fully prepared for each lesson, having practised at home, in his own time.
  2. If he is free he ALWAYS looks for a class to assist in, thinking of others before himself.
  3. He will always ask John and Helen, the DT Technicians, as well as myself if he can help with any preparation work or tasks we may have.
  4. Stuart always stays for L&P and department time, even though technically, he doesn’t have to.
  5. Stuart setup, and runs, the infamous and much-ballyhooed Subbuteo enrichment, where students learn about the regulatory and non-regulatory practices within Subbuteo, as well as occasionally playing a game or two.
  6. Students appreciate him and the lessons he teachers, where learning is always evident, and they get to make some fantastic outcomes.
  7. He compliments the department beautifully and has a good (occasionally outstanding) sense of humour.
  8. Stuart is always in early, to prepare for lessons, and stays late if he can help anyone.

All in all, he is a fantastic teacher, team player and member of the department, who is prepared to do all he can to ensure the students and staff have a fantastic experience at OGA.

Yesterday two of the Academic Appointments team members; Scott Holt and Danni Sheldon joined Sabiha Laher (School Principal) and SMT members in a staff briefing at Outwood Grange Academy. Stuart was awarded his certificate and prize in front of all the staff. He was congratulated on his consistent willingness to help and support others. The Head of Department gave a speech on how the whole school; including staff and students valued Stuart, one staff member even added his contribution to extra-curricular activities is outstanding. It was clearly an emotional moment for Stuart as he thanked Academic Appointments for all our help and the school and staff for all their support. He said that the DT team were the best bunch of people he had ever worked with. Scott and Danni were overwhelmed by the staff’s comments and both said it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the presentation. 

We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other nominees, who were…

Elizabeth Wheeler, nominated by Rawmarsh St Joseph’s Primary School

“I would like to nominate Miss Elizabeth Wheeler for being reliable, hard working, using her own initiative, flexible, punctual and very supportive, an all-around excellent candidate!”


Michael Kerr, nominated by Hovingham Primary School

“I have received your email on 'Candidate of the Term' and I would like to nominate Michael Kerr for being a fantastic asset to Hovingham during his short tender, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from the senior leadership team and pupils alike”

Your certificates are in the post!

Academic Appointments would like to thank all the schools above for sending in nominations, and of course to Stuart, Michael and Elizabeth for all their hard work and dedication. You are all truly Ambassadors for Academic Appointments!

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