Becoming a Teacher by Andrew Dunkerley

Academic Appointments are keen to support individuals in their journey towards becoming a Teacher. Andrew is just one example of this.

Andrew joined us in 2016 and began working as a Cover Supervisor. In June 2017 Andrew also received the below nomination for ‘Candidate of the Term’ from Sharron, Cover Manager at Roundhay School, where he had quite quickly become a firm favourite.

"Andrew is just great at what he does, he is fabulous with the pupils and manages their behaviour appropriately. He is always on time and just comes in and gets on with it, even if he knows there is a troublesome class he never complains or tries to swap things. He is highly thought of at Roundhay and it is a shame that he won't be available in September as he is going to pursue a career in teaching, which we know he will succeed at.”

He went on to win the award and when Scott went to school to present it, his former ICT Teacher also came to pose outside the school for a picture.

When I asked Andrew if he would write us an account of his journey, he was delighted to do so and sent me the below within 24 hours.

“I've always wanted to be a teacher even from a very early age, but I knew I needed some experience in a classroom before taking that first step into PGCE. So, I decided that supply was the perfect option for me to gain that experience, therefore I used Academic Appointments.

Academic Appointments were brilliant and extremely helpful in helping me find work and gain that crucial experience I needed to be confident and secure with teaching. With the help of Scott; a coordinator at academic appointments and the experience I developed, I could achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. I am currently on my PGCE, learning everything I need to become a successful and effective teacher. My mentor is already so proud of me and telling me that my work and planning is fantastic and I believe that this success is a result of the hard-working members of Academic Appointments.”

If Andrew’s experience has inspired you, get in contact with our Candidate & Compliance Team on 0113 390 1003, and start your journey today!

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