Colleague Council Minutes - Customer Care

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Colleague Council on the Thursday 26th October at the Academic Appointments office in Leeds. 

Customer Care

Chair - Richie Halls, Melissa Cross, Robert Noble, Susan Jackson, Anon, Jayne Needham, Rosemary Smith, Sylvia Galinsky, Anita Bruce and Sachin Sharma

1.    Introductions and the role of each division at Academic Appointments
2.    How we support our candidates Our Recruitment Process, Methods of Contact, Marketing and the Candidate Journey
3.    How do we compare to other agencies? What type of contact do you like?
4.    Suggestions for next Colleague Council Agenda

Item 1: 
Richie introduced his role in the company and why he joined Academic Appointments
Robert- discussed how 5 years ago he joined AA and we placed him and then when his circumstances changed he only came back to AA because it felt right.
Susan- joined us because of Julia. Prior to this, she did an assignment at Wetherby High through another agency but it was very impersonal service. She now only works for us and has since May 2017- lots of work. 
Anon – Primary Teacher has been registered with us for many years. Pays the least but likes us the most, we are great personal and professional. 
Jayne- Joined AA in September 2017 and has had work since then. She has not registered with anyone else and doesn’t intend to
Rose – Secondary teacher – Registered with 3 agencies. Likes us, and two others as we are the most professional agencies. 
Sylvia – Primary Teacher- Joined AA in 2012 as an NQT – did 2 terms then got a job. Now back to us for work-life balance and we are the first choice for her to come to 
Anita – 20 years Secondary Teacher – Only registered with AA at the moment. Very positive experience, careful matching, personalised and professional
Sachin – Been with AA since 2012- Been lots of places – Secondary and we have worked to his changing availability.
Richie explained each division and the members within them. 
Item 2:
Anon – Like the text on a Thursday to update their availability, She said she likes the personal touch and no other agency does this. All other members agreed. Loved that we send a thank you for their hard work text at the end of a half term and how appreciated this made her feel. Supply can be lonely and these little touches help.
Sylvia agreed and thanked Melissa and Liz for this.
Richie- Gave a background overview of the core values and Academic Appointments
Sachin – Likes the intimacy of our company and how we have kept our values at the heart of what we do.
Sylvia – raised how she doesn’t like getting up and ready for morning bookings without the guarantee to work and how she prefers advanced notice. 
Richie asked for thoughts on Marketing 
Rob -finds email and text easier with having a young child
Rose: Likes email for factual things, events and advanced information
Anita – Email only for facts and events
Rose- Finds the text service frustrating as there is a constant different number to text
Richie – Explained DD and Text service – we will look into this
All agreed regular contact is great by call and that 1 x month is a great amount of phone contact when on a long-term
Item 3:
Rose - Brought up queries regarding AWR
Richie - explained AWR, what it is and how we approach this
Anita – registered with two others but never had work. Got 2 interviews with one but not successful
Anita- AA better at personal, getting to know you to find the right school. We go the extra mile to other agencies.
Sylvia- AA are personal – they take the time to get to know you and build a relationship so you feel part of the family. A while ago she registered with another agency and they were very pushy about bookings. They built no relationship and she felt strong-armed. Feels that AA listen and if she doesn’t want to do something AA don’t push. 
Rose- Another agency when her father was terminally ill pushed and pushed her to go to a York booking. AA never do that.
Sylvia – mentioned we always need to considerate of traffic when factoring journey times
Rob – We did more than googling the location we gave personalised directions to get the best route
Anita- We serve the schools equally well as us (candidates) Picked up on this when in school. Equal opportunities for both
Sylvia agreed - Noted she has seen we have been in school and given up our time to read and care for schools and commented that she is also registered with another who is very good with the personal touch also.
Anita- On of agencies were very good at interview preparation even though she wasn’t successful. Only disappointment was when they asked if they could use the same personal statement for another job which she didn’t like.
Susan – Feels we should make it absolutely clear on rate of pay prior to interview
Jayne- Loves that she is working with us and not for us. We are a team with mutual respect
Loves that we ask how you felt about the interview and the school rather than just the school will let you know
Rose – loves the constant contact from us
Item 4:
Richie –Thanked everyone for their input and asked what they feel the next colleague council should be on?
Anita- suggested a vision of the company so they can be part of the journey
Sylvia – mentioned CPD and their input into CPD held 
Richie suggested CPD next then another session possibly with MD regarding the vision of the company

Any further questions?
Anita – Are there any opportunities for work in the holidays? E.g Research
Richie – explained how holiday pay is accrued and how we could look into further holiday work opportunities. Thanked everyone again for coming

The meeting was adjourned at 3 pm by Richie Halls. The next general meeting will be held during the Christmas half term. Invitations will be sent out in due course.

If you would like to attend our next Colleague Council focused on CPD, please call our Candidate Team on 0113 390 1003.

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