Candidate of the Term December 2017 Announced!

Every term Academic Appointment invite our schools to vote for their ‘Candidate of the Term’. This can be any member of our agency staff who have provided supply in their school, long or short term. They could be a regular on supply or a full-time member of staff, either way, we believe they deserve an opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work.

This term we received the below nominations! Congratulations to you all!

Miranda Wright, nominated by Kath Burrell at Pennyfield NWSILC

‘Please, would you consider Miranda Wright for your candidate of the term. She is always happy and bubbly, engages well with parents, professionals and especially with our pupils who have profound and multiple learning difficulties. She is reliable, punctual and is always willing to do any extra tasks for anyone who asks. Her positive attitude to life and work is a breath of fresh air!’

Ravi Grewel, nominated by Kathryn Law at Castle Hall School

‘I would like to nominate Ravi Grewal for fitting into the team well. Working hard with some difficult classes and trying to ensure that students make good progress at KS4 with his subject knowledge and support in lessons’

Neil Alexander, nominated by Patrick Anson at Guiseley School

‘I have received your email on 'Candidate of the Term' and I would like to nominate Neil Alexander for the fact he has been trained so well during his time at Guiseley School ????’

Ismat and Rachel, nominated by Karen Sweeney at Brackenedge Primary School

‘Re Candidate of the Term, please can we nominate both Ismat and Rachel for their commitment and professionalism

Sarah Bouttell, nominated by Sarah Gorman at Richmond Hill Primary School

‘Sarah has come in and completely thrown herself into the team. She is personable, upbeat and the pupils took to her immediately. She never shirks from a job, works fantastically both with staff and independently and uses her initiative/doesn’t need much guidance when working on her own. She’s been a huge boost to morale at a time of significant absence in our school and we’re loving having her around’

Ruth Willis, nominated by Mrs Liddle at Canon Popham CofE Primary and Nursery School

‘We would definitely like to nominate Ruth Willis for her help with the SATS’

Claire Davis, nominated by Roz Stringer at Lakeside Primary School

‘It would have to be Clare Davis again. Feedback has been great; the children seem to really respect her and she is very reliable’

Jordan Grayston, nominated (second term running) by Katherine Slingsby at The Springfield Centre & The George Centre

"I would like to nominate Jordan Grayston because of all his fantastic work within The Springfield Centre and The George Centre, Wakefield.  He is reliable and always ready to deal with new challenges. Jordan finds it easy to get on well with both staff and students, and our students have so much respect for him.  He talks to students on a level that is really mature and experienced and they appreciate it when he does.  He will help any member of staff or student out if needed and never complains. I have worked with Jordan on many occasions and always feel that he is fully committed to the students and helping them get the best out of school.  He is the best behaviour support worker that I have been lucky enough to work alongside Finally, he makes a fantastic cup of coffee"

However, this terms winner – hands-down was Kellie-Taylor White, one of Academic Appointments Special Needs Teachers.

On Wednesday Olivia Grimes; SEND Coordinator and Key Accounts Manager, and Pete Riley; Managing Director surprised our Autumn Term 2017 winner with her prize and certificate, in front of her colleagues in her class at The Priory Centre.

Kellie was nominated by Headteacher Tony Phillips:  
Without a second’s hesitation Kellie-Taylor White. Since the day Kellie has started with us she has been a ball of enthusiasm and energy, she has risen to the challenge of teaching in a difficult scenario with extremely challenging students and hasn't wavered. She has taken on a whole curriculum area and has delivered to an exceptional standard. She weathered an OFSTED inspection with humour and grace and didn't shy away from having them see what she did in the classroom, (She could have done as a supply member of staff). She is always looking for ways to improve her own practice, and the contributes time and thought to whole school issues, she listens to advice and guidance in what is a new environment to her, takes it on board and actions it effectively. She has a positive work ethic, often being among the first in ensuring she is set for the day. The net effect is I have a highly effective teacher in a classroom delivering high quality teaching and learning. She is a real asset to our team.”

Academic Appointments would like to thank all the schools for their nominations and for taking part in ‘Candidate of the Term’, and of course to Kellie and the rest of the nominees for all the hard work and dedication!

You are all truly Ambassadors for Academic Appointments! 

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