'My Career Progression in Recruitment' - A blog by Matthew, Operations Manager


I fell into recruitment by accident which most people seem to do. 12 years later I’m still here and still smiling – well on most days(!)

Having moved to Leeds after university with no job and not a lot of money I applied for anything and everything. I came dangerously close to taking a job as a “Greeter” at Asda but ended up being invited to attend a recruitment day with a large multi-sector recruiter.

Staggeringly after a gruelling 6 hours, I was one of 4 people left from a group of 20, and soon I was offered a job as a Trainee Consultant in the Accountancy and Finance division.

It’s fair to say I didn’t love it straight away, the hours were long and I’d never worked in an office or professional environment before so things were a steep learning curve. But slowly and with some great on the job training,  I began to understand how to make a sales call, what a good candidate looked like, and how to build relationships with people. I still shed a few tears in my first year but to my surprise, I actually found I quite enjoyed it, and I had some success.  After a couple of years,  I took the opportunity to move internally into Education recruitment and this is where things really took off for me. I loved the pace of filling bookings in the morning and enjoyed working with candidates who really seemed to enjoy the sector they worked in. I moved to Academic Appointments in November 2010 because whilst I loved the sector I worked in, I wanted to work for a company that could be a bit more flexible in terms of how they dealt with clients, and where I had less responsibility for the bit of the job I wasn’t as good at – the candidate clearance.

It was harder than I thought to make the transition and having felt that I’d got a handle on how to be successful it came as a shock when I didn’t get immediate results here. But thankfully the team and management were very supportive and believed in me, and almost overnight all the calls and visits I’d made started paying off and the jobs came rolling in. 8 years later I still run a busy and successful secondary desk, but now I lead and motivate a team of bright and enthusiastic consultants and coordinators. I’m proud of how the company has developed and progressed, but still maintained its friendly “family” type feel – and I’m certainly l looking forward to the next 8 years.

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