The Benefits of being Team Teach Trained

Team Teach is a holistic approach that is used to support students who may exhibit more challenging behaviours.

Here at Academic Appointments, we are extremely lucky to have two members of our staff who are Team Teach Trained Tutors, enabling them to deliver Team Teach training to our candidates.

There are many benefits of being Team Teach Trained which include the following:

  • Team Teach can make you more desirable to schools
  • Teaches you correct and safe de-escalation and positive handling techniques
  • Gives you a better understanding of how to support students who may exhibit challenging behaviour
  • Increases confidence in supporting students with SEND
  • A better understanding of teamwork within schools
  • Helps you to understand correct school vocabulary
  • Enhances your CV and professional development
  • Teaches you how to correctly fill in physical intervention reports

For details of our next Team Teach course, please contact Olivia, SEND Consultant and Team Teach Tutor on 0113 390 1009.

This is an exciting, and inexpensive training opportunity that’s not to be missed!

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