“You’ve all done very well!”

Young Mr Grace’s favourite saying to his staff in “Are you Being Served” was “You’ve all done very well!” This was a sitcom set in a Department Store, aired during the 70s which, no doubt, many of you will remember some of the characters with fondness… Second Floor Menswear – Mr Humphries, Third Floor Ladies wear Mrs Slocombe, not forgetting Captain Peacock (management!)

If someone tells me I’ve done very well, without doubt it always gives me a thrill of satisfaction, be that have been from my school teacher, a parent, my children or my boss, it sticks with you through life – as does a negative comment too.

From an early age I’ve always wanted to please people, so no surprise that I went to work in a shoe shop when leaving school – working in the children’s department of Manfield Shoes where the Manager used to shout and beckon to me “Forward Miss” when a customer came into the shop – which gave me the opportunity to learn from the ground upwards the rules of serving people and serving them well. Lord help me if I didn’t make a sale – the third degree ensued!

Here at Academic Appointments I have the perfect opportunity to make customers feel they are receiving the best possible service. As well as day to day contact with our schools and teachers, we intermittently send out feedback surveys which help us enormously to constantly improve our service.

I believe that everyone is our customer; our schools, our teachers, our internal colleagues in the office. If we’re not giving a 100% smiley good service then what’s the point? I don’t want to go home at the end of my working day feeling that I’ve let someone down or not fulfilled their requirements! I want to relish my glass of wine knowing that I and Academic Appointments have given our best that we could possibly give that day.

If a negative comment is received, the deep feeling of personal hurt is unbelievable. We do take things personally and it’s then all hands to the deck…an immediate check-through of where it potentially went wrong and more importantly, what we can learn and how we can put it right both now and in the future.

We’re a great team at Academic Appointments, a lovely mix of young, lively 20-somethings, right through to the more experienced sassy seniors! We treasure every comment made from any of you, our customers, so please do keep your opinions known to us – after all, we long to hear those magic words…“You’ve all done very well!”

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