10 Years On - A blog by Julia

When I started working for Academic Appointments in November 2006, there was a grand total of 3 people – Mo, Julie and Sharon. I started on the same day as another lady and that made 5 of us!

Contrary to common opinion, we did have computers (not an abacus) and was able to send emails, however, we did use sheets & sheets of paper with our teachers and schools names & contact details typed out! Also, the infamous card index system will go down in History as our favourite source of contacting our lovely schools!

My, my, how things have moved on… we have fantastic computer systems in place now, where we can see which teachers are available at the press of a button and book them into a school at the same time! And our staff structure has grown enormously – we’re now a massive 22 Strong team with an additional office in Doncaster. Wonder where our next office will be!

Mo, our MD, is quite simply the best boss I’ve ever worked for and the teamwork here is fantastic – we all pull together and make coming to work a pleasure. I’ve also met and made friends with some truly lovely contacts in our schools.

And... some of the clients we had in 2006 are still with us in 2016!!

Why have I stayed? ... Variety, success, giggles, and loving the boutique culture that will always typify Academic Appointments.

A very kind colleague said that they hope I’ll still be here in another 10 years... all I can say to that is, if I am still here, I’ll probably be travelling to work on the Access Bus!

Julia - Quality Manager & Schools Coordinator

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