A blog on Progress by our Tuition Lead, Lisa

So it is that time of year when schools and teachers are beginning to identify those pupils who may be falling behind and reasons for this. Coming from an education background I appreciate the importance in identifying the barriers to learning and implementing early intervention strategies.

Whilst our contract with Leeds City Council is still going strong a few recent changes have led to more opportunity for new pupils to come through the referral system. A positive change embraced as it has led to new contacts and connections with carers and teachers.

This may mean that some pupils will have a break from the support we offer….should we see this as a negative? Surely giving pupils that opportunity to flourish with the skills and new content they have learnt can only lead to their confidence soaring!

But what if they continue to fall behind?

Are we then failing that pupil?

These are common questions raised with those who work closely with the pupils. However, I am a firm believer that allowing pupils to have that opportunity to be resilient with their learning is vital for their growth and development.

Not making expected progress is not just a relatable issue for Children who are Looked After. We have a number of schools come to us for intervention teachers, for pupils from a range cohorts, and we are always able to put a range of options to them. From pupils who are persistent absentees to those who are simply low attainers, we strive to meet the demand with the best possible solution.

So are you a SENCo, Head of Department or maybe a School Leader?

Are you looking for someone to help with Booster Classes?

After 12 years of being in your shoes, I appreciate how busy you are. So let us do the searching for you and find the solution, we feel would work best for you, your school and more importantly the pupils.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you, please call me on 0113 390 1006.

Tuition Lead

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