'A change is as good as a rest’ a blog by Lisa, our Tuition Lead

So they say ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and that is definitely the case with me.

It all started in primary school when my teachers said to me ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ At 8 years old I just knew PE teaching was going to be for me, and my mind never swayed! My love for teaching pupils new skills however was tested in the later part of my career, where I found my work life balance was out of sync.

As much as I loved the job, I started to question if teching was for me. Having the upmost respect for the profession and still wanting to keep my hand in education, I set about finding an alternative career path. A role where I could still speak about my experiences and pass this on to others.

This is where Academic Appointments came in. I came here not knowing what to expect, but knew that the environment and the staff were the friendliest bunch I’d ever met. There was just something about this particular agency that said to me, ‘they care, I’m going to fit in well here!’

18 months later and I have not only settled in but I’ve helped establish the tuition desk working with a number of parties from social workers and carers to Headteachers and SENCo’s in schools.

‘Progress’ is an element of the business that sees us recognise the struggles of pupils in care. We have exclusively held the contract with Leeds City Council for Children Looked After for 5 years.

My job - to match up tutors by using my knowledge and understanding of the impact this can have on pupils’ confidence, social skills and progress.

With such a great group of tutors working for us, we felt showcasing what they can do was a perfect way of utilising their skills and experience further. School leaders can look to enhance their curriculum, using tutors to help accelerate progress in intervention and booster classes.

I am very lucky to have fallen into a role, working with some of the best tutors. We have a great mix of those who supplement their teaching work with a few additional sessions, to those who dedicate their evenings to developing pupil’s learning. They show commitment and dedication to liaising with all parties involved in the pupil’s education, leading to overwhelming feedback on how their work has helped the pupil make leaps and strides in their academic and social life.

We are constantly looking to enhance our pool of tutors so if you want to keep a hand in teaching and want flexible hours to suit you, or know someone who sounds perfect to offer their expertise, get in touch and find out more.

You may be a SENCo or School Leader, looking for someone to help with Booster Classes, both in school time or out of hours? After 12 years of being in your shoes, I appreciate how busy you are so let me do the leg work for you.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you, please call me on 0113 390 1003.

I may have left the classroom but one thing still stands - I am dedicated to finding exceptional tutors to help enhance pupils’ social skills and academic results.

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