A decade with Academic Appointments


A decade with Academic Appointments


Next month marks 10 years since I joined Academic Appointments, so it seemed a good time for me to sit back and reflect about how life has changed since 2010….the answer is quite a bit, for me, our business, and in Education generally.

I can still remember some of the nerves I felt the first time I walked into the office in Leeds. At the time we only had the one branch and compared to the open plan multisector office I had been in before it felt tiny! I remember the nervous coughs that seemed to accompany every call I made, and how often I would cringe at the thought my MD listening to what I was saying to people.  That feeling soon passed as I was made to feel so welcome by the team, and I hope that I can say that I’ve made many lifelong friends during my time here.

Flash forward 10 years, and Academic Appointments feels like a whole different company in some ways. We have 4 branches, new offices, a new leadership team, fancy IT systems, laptops…. but some things are wonderfully the same. We still work with many of the same clients, and dozens of the same teachers and supply staff, and colleagues!

Those colleagues have been with me through some of the best times of my life and have seen me become a father to two little terrors, get married, and develop my career into the role I hold today as Operations Manager. I still love speaking to our candidates and clients, but I get the most pride from seeing our team grow and develop and watching their careers flourish, thinking that I played my part in that.

The current situation with schools (and the world!) isn’t ideal at the moment but I think the way our company and my colleagues have adapted and are now starting to thrive again shows that the journey we’ve been on for the last 10 years is the right one. There will no doubt be a few more twists and turns and maybe the odd detour along the way, but I hope I get to be here in another 10 years to see how far we’ve come.


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