'A look back' by Aaron & Alex

Last week we shared Clare Oram, Business Manager at our Doncaster Office’s blog with you, hopefully, you read it. Following on from this we thought it made sense to ask our Doncaster lads just how they felt about their first full month at Academic Appointments, and working with the team. We didn’t bribe them honest…

Aaron is our Secondary Specialist for South Yorkshire, here’s what he had to say:  

I am now into my 5th week with Academic Appointments and firstly I must say how great the team are and how welcome they have all made me feel, in particular, Clare who I owe a big thank you to as she has to work with me each day.

Having spent the last 5 years in recruitment all be it Contract and Operations Management this is my first role in Education. What I have realised is that the principles that I had applied in my previous roles are even more vital in this role…. Honesty, Integrity, Politeness and Hardworking.

It’s only been 5 weeks but already so much has happened. I have introduced myself to most secondary academies and schools in Doncaster, Rotherham and Scunthorpe. I have built relationships with new and existing schools, built a fantastic candidate base and most importantly placed local teachers in local schools.

I am looking forward to meeting with many more schools and Education professionals in the Doncaster and South Yorkshire area.

Alex is our Primary Specialist for Barnsley, Rotherham & Wakefield, here’s his blog:

As I edge towards my 6th Week at Academic Appointments I can safely say I feel like a fully-fledged and proud member of the AA family. I could not be more grateful and appreciative of the support, kindness and encouragement I have been shown since my first day.

The camaraderie and solidarity of the AA team, with everyone helping one and another to reach their goals is truly something special and distinctive about AA, it’s not something you see everywhere and it makes it a unique and contented place of work.

The pride and passion everyone devotes to provide the best service possible to their schools is displayed on every call, email and meeting and this resonates by the strength our relationships with our schools and the reputation we have amongst the region with schools that use us. It is clear everyone’s values are aligned amongst the team which only strengthens the objective of the company’s mission to make your life easier as a school.

I am extremely happy and pleased to be a part of AA, it really is an exceptional place to work and I see a very exciting and successful future for myself here.

If you would like to register with our Doncaster office or perhaps you have a position you’d like support recruiting for, give Clare, Aaron or Alex a call today on 01302 243 060. They would be more than willing to help.

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