An Exciting New Chapter Begins

As some of you may have seen in the media, Academic Appointments recently received investment from new partners - Solingen.

This partnership marks the start of a new exciting chapter in Academic Appointments’ 12-year history, one which will see extensive opportunities for all involved.

There will be no big changes, we will remain the same Academic Appointments we have been since 2004, the only thing you will notice is that we’ll get even better at what we do, and quicker.

Working with Solingen will enable Academic Appointments to take on ambitious growth plans to add further service offers and create new opportunities.

Mo Parkin will remain in the business. Mo has put her heart and soul into everything we do here at Academic Appointments and so we felt it was important to let everyone know that as much as she is entitled to rest, she has no intention of going anywhere. Mo will take on a new role as our Executive Chairperson, she will work alongside the management team to provide support and guidance and who knows she may even fill the odd booking so you may just get a call.

Pete Riley has been promoted to Managing Director, a positive decision which everyone in the business supports. Pete is an experienced Primary Chair of Governors, many of you who operate in the West Leeds cluster or Leeds Schools forum will know him. With this knowledge and his dedication to Education, he is well-placed to lead the team into the future.

You can read the full article here.

We hope you will join us in congratulating Mo on her success of the last 12 years and continue to support her, Pete and all the team at Academic Appointments in this exciting development phase.

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