An Introduction To Pinterest

Pinterest – What is it?

Academic Appointments recently conducted a survey on resources and found that 75.86% of teaching professionals did not know what Pinterest was. Pinterest is a very useful tool to share good practice, which is why I am going to tell you all about it and how it can benefit you!
But firstly let’s start from the basics with what Pinterest actually is.
Pinterest is a social media networking site which is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find and share ideas for all of your projects and interests. It is often described as a virtual scrapbook as it allows you to store all your ideas in one place and allows you to look back at them, and it’s FREE.

But what are the benefits of using Pinterest?

For those in the teaching profession, there are a vast number of benefits from using Pinterest such as:
Organising and gathering vast quantities of information
Pinterest allows you to save as many pins as you wish and is a fantastic place to gather all your resources and ideas in one place. Often we all find articles, resources images etc. that would be extremely useful, but for another day. Pinterest defeats this issue by allowing you to store these items in one place which you can refer back to. The annoying thing about finding something that would be great for another time is that you can never find it, whereas with Pinterest you can ‘Pin’ it to a board and refer back to it at another time. Amazing right?

Connecting with others in the teaching profession
Pinterest is a great way to connect with others who are in the same profession as you and share good practice! Learning and collaborating with others is extremely beneficial and engaging, and may open your eyes to new teaching pointers. The best thing about connecting with others is that there is no limit on who you can connect with, you can work at different schools and lives thousands of miles away and still collect the same resources. You can also upload your own images of your work to share with others, and even keep boards secret if you wish and invite certain people to join. This would be a fantastic opportunity to create a secret board with colleagues in your own work environment to share internal school resources!

Share resources with students
Pinterest is an educating way to share resources with pupils. The internet is a big place, so when setting research tasks students can often come across unreliable resources. It could be a good idea to restrict them on what you want them to look at by creating a board. Also if you have visual learners Pinterest is a fantastic way to engage them, as the social media networking site features images so is a great way to spark creativity. Art and Textiles projects are a good example for this. Group work can also be completed on Pinterest, allowing you to access the board and leave feedback.

Pinterest is a visual site which is extremely engaging for those who are visual learners.

Use the app on the go
You can use Pinterest on your desktop, or by downloading the app. If you’re on public transport then you can research, pin resources and creates boards on the way to and from work.

Want to find out more about Pinterest and how to use it effectively?
Academic Appointments are holding a CPD event on the 27th of June between 4.30pm – 5.30pm. The session is designed to help you create an account and start pinning resources!

*Please note that you will need to bring an electronic device (Mobile or Tablet) with you as we will be creating an account during the session. Don’t worry – we have WIFI!*

The session will be delivered by myself, Marketing Executive (Alisha) and Danni Marketing Manager.

To book on click here or for more information email

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