Are you training to be a Teacher?

Are you training to be a Teacher?

In 2017, 32% of the teachers we placed into permanent placements were NQTs.

100% of the NQTs who secured permanent placements in September successfully completed the 1st term of their NQT induction and remain in post with no desire to move on.

Why are we telling you this? Because our Permanent Recruitment Team are looking for Trainee Teachers like you! They’re already working on a number of permanent post for September 2018.

Lauren and Sally make up our Guidance Division at Academic Appointments. Sally, specifically specialises in NQT Recruitment and works closely alongside NQTs to find them their perfect role based on their personal requirements, ITT experiences and what their mentors and tutors have to say about their teaching styles. Click on the link to find out more about Lauren and Sally

How does the service benefit you?

We know that you’re currently working really hard, training to teach takes up a vast amount of your time, leaving little time to job search, research schools advertising posts and complete applications. Following a discussion about your experience and understanding what you’re ideally looking for in your first post as a NQT (i.e. location, school type, subject area/age range) we can contact you about posts which could suit you. We will be able to provide information on the post, the school and the department in order for you to make a decision on whether or not each opportunity is something you’d like to pursue. If an opportunity we contact you about is a good fit we then liaise with the school to introduce you and set up a meeting/interview with the school – all without you having to do anything. We can then guide you through what to expect at Interview and the process of accepting the job and gathering the info you need prior to your start date.

How does our service benefit schools?

You may wonder why a school would use our service, schools advertise their vacancies in the TES don’t they? Yes, they do, however advertising a post costs A LOT of money and this money is charged upfront with no guarantee of the position being filled as a result. Our service does have a fee associated (payable by the school) but the fee is only applicable upon successful appointment, there are no upfront costs. Placing a job advert also relies on the advert being seen by prospective candidates and for those individuals to be interested enough to take the time to apply. Not everyone is scouring the TES and job adverts/school websites can only give a limited impression of the school. We take the time to understand each post we work on and find out specific information on the school and team the post will be part of, we can then use this information to contact people who we think would be ideal fits- it’s a much more targeted recruitment strategy than putting an advert out there and hoping for the best.

Below are just some of our success stories from the NQTs themselves we placed in September 2017.

Krystina, embarked upon her first permanent teaching post at Cardinal Heenan High School Leeds in September. “I was reluctant to seek work through an agency at first, however Academic Appointments were hugely considerate of my preferences and approached me with a position that they thought would suit me. The position couldn’t have been any better matched to what I was looking for and the support I received in the process of applying was lovely and very much appreciated!”

Daniel, embarked upon his first permanent teaching post at The Co-operative Academy of Leeds in September 2017. “I was very impressed with the service I received from Academic Appointments. The service I received was very specialised and the team acted very quickly once they had gathered my credentials. I was particularly impressed with Lauren (Head of Permanent Recruitment) who found me my interview for a job which was perfect for my situation and answered my queries very quickly.”

James, embarked upon his first permanent teaching post at Queen Ethelburga’s in York in September 2017. “Academic Appointments were very friendly and tailored jobs that suited my preferences. They were quick to respond to any inquiries I had.”

Malik, embarked upon his first permanent teaching post at Abbey Grange C of E Academy in September 2017. “I was referred by my course peer to use Academic Appointmentts. From the very first email to contact Academic Appointments to today, I have always felt welcomed and included in the process. In my case I can say without a doubt Academic Appointments, and especially the permanent recruitment team, have always gone that extra mile to make sure my preferences match the school and presented my profile in a very positive way to the school. I have used agencies in the past but certainly Academic Appointments is one which tops my list. I would like to say thank you very much to every single member of the permanent recruitment team.”

If you are training to be a teacher or you’re considering a career in education then make sure to get in touch with our Guidance Team on 0113 390 1008.

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