Becoming a Team Teach Tutor - A blog by Karen Thompson

Those who know me know that I come from an education background, not only do I still enjoy teaching (keeping my hand in with one to one tuition) but I love learning new skills. I was extremely lucky to of spent all of last week out of the office and away from home training to be a ‘Team Teach’ tutor at Middlesbrough Riverside Stadium.

On a daily basis, our clients are asking for ‘Team Teach’ trained staff to work in their setting. Working here at Academic Appointments gives me the opportunity to lead CPD so how amazing to be a trained ‘Team Teach’ tutor able to upskill and train our support staff so that together we can meet our clients’ needs and ultimately offer the best for our young learners who need that additional support!

I first experienced ‘Team Teach’ back in 2004 while working in a primary school. Immediately I could see the benefit of the promoted de-escalation techniques. Over the next 12 years I re-visited and kept up to date with my training.

Going on this course was slightly different and, to be honest, a little daunting – a full week away from home and my colleagues to be with people I’ve never met before. But, by the first coffee break on Monday morning I’d already met some fantastic people and knew I was going to learn a whole lot more than just how to be a ‘Team Teach’ tutor!

During the week I worked with all the other 24 delegates, prepared and gave presentations, took part in role play and trained participants in how to safely support and escort learners, took two ‘tests’, participated in presentations etc delivered by others – all of which were assessed!

I was so relieved on Friday after delivering my final assessed task with my new group of colleagues to be told we’d passed.

A massive congratulations to all who took part with every one of us passing!

The course was intense so it was great that we all got along so well and were able to get together for an evening meal, a drink or two and lots and lots of laughs. Everyone was truly amazing and friendly.

The trainers who trained us were fantastic as were the staff at the Riverside Stadium. We were given a guided tour of the Stadium, Friday was Remembrance Day; this was observed with the laying of wreaths by the main entrance with veterans in attendance.

Now back in the office and I’ve already emailed Eric, course lead tutor, with my first question (promptly answered); I’m now preparing to deliver my first training session and looking forward to it.

Keep an eye out for more information!

Karen Thompson Head of Recruitment & Safeguarding

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