Candidate of the Term Summer 2019 Winners Announced!

As some of you will already know, each term Academic Appointments invite schools to vote for their ‘Candidate of the Term’. This can be any member of our agency staff who have provided supply in their school, long or short term. They could be a regular on supply or a full-time member of staff, either way, we believe they deserve an opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work.

This term we slightly changed the format and invited our internal staff to vote, as we understand the end of a school year can be an extremely busy time. So our staff spoke with their schools and we received 14 nominations! Congratulations to you all!

We received nominations for Waheeda Begum, Keith Timney, Sylvia Galinsky, Susan Jackson, Anna Clapham, Cath Crowther, Ruta Visockiene, Michael Ruthven, Merlin Parind, Alexander Kleczkowski, Faye Bairstow, Clare Davis, Veera Balliupati and Tez Malone, so it really was a tough decision for our MD, however, he has chosen and I am pleased to announce this term's winners are:


Clare Davis“Clare is flexible, committed and hardworking and always does a good job resulting in us getting positive feedback for her consistently. She is always a pleasure to speak with and keeps us informed if she becomes unavailable for any reason.”


Anna Clapham“I have so many reasons… She has worked tirelessly with her Technology students, got them through all their exams and exceeded expectations, she even went into school during the Easter hols to get students up to speed too. Dealt with some very difficult situations, even when faced with a personal family bereavement, she still kept a brave face and powered on, always smiling. She is an extremely dedicated professional who goes above and beyond for her students.”


Tez Malone – “Tez has always been an ambassador for Academic Appointments, going above and beyond for his students and colleagues. Never fails to cheer me up and make me giggle on the occasion we actually manage to catch each other. Very honoured to have worked with him over the past year and couldn’t think of someone more deserving of this award or his new permanent position.”


Susan Jackson“Does a brilliant job and hits the ground running within each school she has worked in. Receives excellent feedback without fail and has now secured a permanent role with her current placement at SESKU. She will be missed!”

Academic Appointments would like to thank everyone for their nominations and for taking part in ‘Candidate of the Term’, and of course to all the winners and nominees for all the hard work and dedication!

You are all truly Ambassadors for Academic Appointments!

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