Colleague Council - CPD

Thank you to everyone who attended our Colleague Council event on Thursday the 21st of December at the Academic Appointments Office in Leeds.


Continued Professional Development (CPD)


Chair – Karen Thompson, Alisha Kelly, Andy Jackson, Caroline Brown, Anita Bruce


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Purpose of meeting
  3. Why we feel CPD is important and benefits you
  4. CPD previously offered by Academic Appointments
  5. What do other agencies offer?
  6. What CPD would you like Academic Appointments to offer?
  7. What is the best way for us to deliver our CPD?
  8. Best time of year and day for CPD to take place


Item 1:

Karen introduced her role as Head of Recruitment & Safeguarding and her background in education as a former Primary Headteacher. Alisha then introduced her role as the Marketing Executive, explaining how her role benefits and links to candidates and schools.

Item 2:

Karen - The purpose of this Colleague Council was to find out what our candidates thought about the CPD we offer, and what suggestions they had. Karen went on to say that we want to offer CPD that is relevant to our candidates and what will be beneficial to them.

Item 3:

Karen – I and Academic Appointments feel that CPD is important as it keeps our education professionals updated with educational changes and helps to develop individual’s skills and expertise. It is also important that we offer CPD that our candidates feel that they will benefit the most from and CPD that they have requested.

Item 4:

Karen – We have held a number of different CPD sessions; Care to Education, Team Teach, The Role of a Cover Supervisor, Preparing for an Interview, Getting the Most out of Pinterest, Tips for Planning on your Feet, and Behaviour Management. All our CPD is free apart from Team Teach which we have to charge for to cover venue costs.

Caroline added that she feels as though it is wrong to charge for CPD.

Karen explained that we only charge for CPD due to it being a specialist training where you receive a qualification and the fact we charge to cover venue costs as we tend to use school halls for the space.

Item 5:

Anita – Is registered with other agencies but has not completed any CPD with them but completed a weekend course with Trade Union Caroline – Registered with another agency but has not completed CPD with them. Liked the CPD session we offered a number of years ago at the prison and MAPA Training Andy – Completed CPD with other agencies on Eating Disorder and Slavery and has also completed CPD within schools on SEMH and SEND

Item 6:

Anita – How to handle workload and stress, simple facts and tips Caroline – Maths and English GCSE course content requirements, feels this would benefit her in schools, as she is a 1:1 tutor. Andy – Basic SIMS training and Behaviour Watch (Advanced web-based system allowing schools to centralise their own recording systems) Anita – Mental Health Training and links between the NHS and Education

Item 7:

Anita – Prefers online training Caroline – Does not like online training

Karen – Does anyone know about our YouTube channel where we feature online CPD?

Anita, Caroline & Andy all said no.

Alisha – Our YouTube channel features recorded CPD that we have held in the office. We record CPD that takes place in-house so that those who wish to attend but could not do so can watch the CPD online, as we understand that some people prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to see the CPD we offer on our You Tube channel click here.

Item 8:

Caroline – Prefers twilight time Anita – Likes 4pm onwards and likes sessions that last from an hour or more

Additional Questions & Comments

Karen – How do we compare to other Agencies? Andy – Likes that we advertise our CPD on Twitter and Facebook

Caroline – Asked if we could subscribe to resources like Twinkle and Big Maths Alisha – Already researched into these, very expensive

Karen – Would anyone come to weekend training? Anita – No Caroline – No


The meeting was adjourned at 2pm by Karen Thompson and attendants were invited to stay for the Christmas event, Mince Pie and a Mingle!

If you have any further questions regarding Colleague Council please call our Marketing Team on 0113 390 1004.

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