Colleague Council Minutes

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Colleague Council on the 31st August at the Academic Appointments office in Leeds. 

Our online presence and how it affects you

Chair - D.Johnson (DJ), A.Kelly (AK), K.Thompson (KT), R.Halls (RH), A.Jackson (AJ), L.Lazarus (LL)

Item 1: Introductions: The role of our Marketing Team
Item 2: Website: Access to diary, time sheets etc. Is a Mobile App the next step?
Item 3: Social Media: How do our competitors appear online? Which platforms do you use and why?
Item 4: Q&As: Opportunity to suggest agenda items for next meeting

Item 1: Explanation of the Marketing Team role was given. The people's voice. They are here to communicate your wants and needs to that of the board. The idea of this council is to give our workforce the opportunity to move forward with Academic Appointments. Have an input in the journey and feedback any concerns, wishes that you may have. 
Item 2: It was the general consensus of the group that a login portal would be better than an App as they felt the downloading and storing of an app on their phones would annoy them. AJ made the point that a portal wouldn't take up space and could still be accessible from a phone or tablet. When asked what the portal would allow them to do, DJ explained the benefits of that and of an app.
LL suggested the use of Wattsapp to communicate bookings to our candidates. DJ/AK to investigate for next meeting. 
Item 3: LL explained to the council how he utilises Facebook for his church group, he suggested setting up a private group chat facility where candidates could talk confidentially in a secure environment. Added as an action. AK asked the group what they felt about the content we share. Happy and do read it, however, do like to hear more about what is actually happening in the AA family, not just in education as a general. Liked the article on changes happening. Would like more of this.
Item 4: LL asked about social events and whether we were planning to do any going forward. Agreed it would be nice to do so, we only stopped as very few attended. Happy to set something up at Christmas and see how we do for attendees. 

Suggestions for next meeting
- Teaching resources and tips for managing pupils. KT suggested they revisit some of the previous CPD delivered by AA and would be happy to run another if required. Also discussed how it would be difficult to advise on each school as all use different online resources. LL shared some of his personal recommendations - Mathsbot and MobyMax, however, it was stressed by KT that if you are using any free online tools you must be mindful to vet them first for inappropriate content. 
- Attendees felt there may be a disconnect between consultants and candidates. LL advised that sometimes he doesn't know who he is actually speaking to when he calls. RH stepped forward and agreed to Chair the next Council based on Customer Service.  

Action Point for Next Agenda:
- Investigate the use of Wattsapp for candidate contact
- Christmas social event for candidates 
- Set up a Facebook private group chat facility and invite candidates to join
- Organise another Behaviour Management CPD

The meeting was adjourned at 3 pm by Danni Johnson. The next general meeting will be held during the October half term. Invitations will be sent out in due course.

If you would like to attend our Colleague Council click on the button below or call Richard Halls on 0113 390 1015

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