Feefo - A Month in Already!

Taking the plunge to be the only agency with an online review tool was scary but we had faith in our staff and the service they provide. We were right too!

What is Feefo and what does it mean for Academic Appointments?

Feefo is an automated customer feedback solution that is very powerful in terms of gathering and analysing genuine reviews, suggestions, and observations from actual customers.

It is independent of Academic Appointments which means a customer can rate us with stars and add comments if needed in less than a minute. Their reviews are live immediately for all to see. Yes, ALL ratings are live! This does mean that we can get a low rating and it will affect our overall score but it also means we can work on the reason and support the customer to rate us higher next time.

We’ve been using the service for a month now and have received a fantastic 20 verified reviews. Which has given us a positive overall score of 4.8 stars out of 5! Academic Appointments staff are all trained in customer service skills and all genuinely care about the needs of their customer, so this score reflects that. Of course, we will get it wrong sometimes, nobody’s perfect after all but at least we care enough to listen.

Here are some of our 5-star reviews:

Academic Appointments have given me back my confidence and appreciation of teaching. Thanks must go especially to Olivia and the SEND team for opening doors that I never would’ve gone through in the past. All of you are amazing. Thank you. – Robert Noble (Teacher)

Thank you to Liz, Melissa, Liam, Olivia and the rest of the team at Academic Appointments. I always felt I was valued, appreciated and was part of a team. I can’t wait to start my permanent role within my school. However, I will never forget the valuable experience gained from working with such a professional agency. Highly recommended – Lisa Johnson (Support Staff)

Lauren was amazing. I would 100% recommend her and this company. Lauren made moving jobs so easy. She found me a position that suits me, negotiated my pay and was genuinely helpful and lovely during the entire process. – Anon

Pleasure to work with! They make life easier by getting to know the schools' needs and matching the supply teachers to suit. Excellent personal service, trustworthy, honest and value for money. Highly recommend! – Anon

Helpful, professional and responsive. Academic appointment staff are always helpful, supplying quality cover, sometimes at very short notice. – Joanne Pitchfork (Business Manager)

All the reviews can be seen on our front page of this website or you can visit our customer page on Feefo’ s own site by clicking here.


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