'Good enough - isn't' - A blog by Mo

Every day I come in to work, I see these words emblazoned in neon orange on the wall in our office.

To me, this phrase encompasses who we are, and is one of the most important unifying values that everyone in the team shares here at Academic Appointments Ltd.  ‘Good enough, isn’t’ determines who joins our team, how we measure our performance, and benchmark our service delivery to schools, candidates and each other.

So why is it so important? 

Well, ‘Good enough, isn’t’ has been my personal mantra throughout my career.   

As some people will know, I didn’t always work in recruitment.  Up to leaving university, I’d only ever considered being a musician.  I was totally dedicated to this and worked hard to be as great at it as possible.

My musical lightbulb moment happened when I was at Brownie’s and my friend Dawn strolled up to the piano and played a little tune.

From that minute back in our old, crumbly primary school hall, I remember that Dawn took on an almost celestial, magical presence for me.  I couldn’t stop looking at her and wondered how on earth she’d managed to do it.

She seemed to have pretty much what I had – two hands, ten fingers, one head and a brownie uniform on …….. but there was this ocean of difference in that she could play the piano.  She could do magic!!

I ran all the way home that night and begged my mum and dad to let me have lessons.  Money was tight so it wasn’t an easy decision for them but after consecutive days and weeks of nagging it was a ‘Yes!’.  There began my life-long love affair with music.  With practice, practice and more practice I managed to win my way to free lessons throughout school courtesy of scholarships and then went on to university to do a degree in Music.

The thing is, unless you’re seriously lucky (not me) along with being totally brilliant (not me), there’s no way you can earn a decent living in music.  I managed to run about 5 jobs simultaneously but in my quest to pay the rent and the weekly food bill tried my hand at several other jobs which included working in a solicitors, sales, personnel, and teaching to name but a few. 

And, after a while, I found my 2nd love ……. a job in Recruitment!

Is there a connection?  Well just maybe there is.

To play an instrument competently takes practice and dedication, literally.  The need to keep sharpening the saw (Jim Rohn, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) is always there.

To be a successful recruiter requires practice and dedication applied on a consistent, continual basis too.  Great relationships are built through listening well and developing trust, a little piece at a time.  Education is a hugely challenging area and our whole purpose is to ‘make life easier for schools’, by providing intelligent, resourceful, dextrous staffing solutions which support them to achieve the best outcomes for all young people.  Equally, for the army of brilliant teachers and support staff we work with, our aim is to match them with their ideal role, where they can best use their talents to develop future generations. 

In musical terms, Academic Appointments is the perfect accompaniment for schools and candidates, and as this year sees Academic Appointments enter its 12th year of trading, I think that some of our practice has definitely paid off.   

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