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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new careers programme - 'Aspirations' 

Born in Yorkshire, we take pride in supporting our Yorkshire community and local students. We believe in sharing the responsibility to educate, so much so that we have devised a FREE careers programme designed to raise students aspirations and attainment.

The programme is designed to offer schools and education providers access to FREE careers workshops, led by successful business specialists! 

It can be tailored to the learners' needs and objectives and will offer a variety of workshops, presentations or general careers support. 

Money Matters Workshops

An interactive whole class session, designed to encourage effective 'Budget Management'

The class is split into groups of four and given a payslip. They must then manage their outgoings for a 3 month period, but will they be ready for the 'unexpected' emergencies?

CV Workshops

This presentation is designed to teach your students what should and shouldn't be in a CV.

At the end of the presentation, students are given example CVs which they are asked to check, using the knowledge they have learnt.

We also offer assistance with:
- Careers Days
- Mock interviews
- Enterprise

If you would like further information on 'Aspirations', please call Danni on 0113 390 1004

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