Joining the Candidate Team by Lisa Gascoine

So, here I am 2 and a half years on, experiencing another big role change in the company.

In conjunction with my current role in ‘Progress’, I am joining the candidate team alongside two very experienced ladies, Lucie and Karen, as Assistant Head of Recruitment and Safeguarding - I couldn’t be more excited!

Yes, it is daunting, for we are the team where the candidates’ journey begins, so first impressions really do count. Obviously, our unique selling point here is being the only agency to have a dedicated Candidate Team, which means we get to spend more time really getting to know those who register with us, a big pull for joining this team.

So how have I settled in? Well, you may need to ask the team that, as my insistence on getting to know more about the team and its processes has been at the forefront of my learning curve with constant questions. The team have been amazing at helping me settle in though and I would like to say I am firmly up and running.

So why the candidate team I hear you ask? Well those who know me and my background, know that being a former Teacher means I can hopefully impart some words of wisdom on what to expect from us and the supply world. Some candidates ring us up, unsure of their next step and about how supply could work for them and I would like to think I can put their mind at ease about our proactive consultants and some of the amazing schools we work with.

Meeting the candidates face to face is so far the best part of my job. Chatting through their skills and experiences, firstly helps me to reminisce about my teaching days, but also helps to bring the candidates to life! You see the sparkle in their eyes and the smile that says they enjoy what they do! Bringing them out to meet the team means the consultants really focus in on the roles that are out there, which helps to put the candidate's mind at rest.

So two weeks into my new role and I can honestly say I think I’ve found my feet here at Academic Appointments. Assisting those who come through our doors in starting their journey has so far been a pleasure, but the most rewarding part will be when our consultants find them their ideal job! I can’t wait to learn more from the team and have more success stories to shout about…so watch this space!

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