Leeds Safeguarding Week 2018

Tomorrow sees the start of Leeds Safeguarding Week and as an Education Recruitment Agency which provides staff to schools and educational establishments, Academic Appointments is determined, through comprehensive recruitment and vetting procedures, to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people from harm.

Safeguarding is our TOP Priority, which is why we have a designated Safeguarding Lead and a former Headteacher to lead our Candidate and Compliance Team - Karen.

Karen, our Head of Recruitment & Safeguarding has kindly put a blog together on her role here at Academic Appointments as designated Safeguarding Lead:

I’ve been responsible for Safeguarding at Academic Appointments for almost four years now after working in the primary sector where I was also the Designated Safeguarding Lead.  I take responsibility for overseeing all aspects of safeguarding for the company, but what exactly does this mean?  A potted outline from the very beginning…

The first aspect of safeguarding is to ensure that EVERY person working in a setting for us is fully checked and meet the exceptional standards of Academic Appointments. To guarantee this, all candidates have been through our ’12 Point Check’ process.

Once ‘out in the field’, we continue to make sure all compliance checks are regularly updated.  Whilst every step is taken to ensure safeguarding is given top priority occasionally issues are raised, this can be by the school or the candidate. When this happens our Safeguarding procedure kicks in and a fully, detailed process is followed with appropriate action being taken.

As safeguarding lead, I have a duty of care to our candidates too – an aspect of the role which is often forgotten.  I pride myself on supporting candidates when issues arise. Undoubtedly children must be listened to, but I make sure that the member of staff is never ignored either. 

Why do I do this?

Simply because I strongly believe that every child deserves the best education; to be protected and listened to by every adult they encounter, regardless of whether they see that adult every day or just once.  My children (now grown up) are my world and I always think ‘if it wouldn’t want that person teaching my children, then no-one else’s children deserve to be taught by that person either’. Without doubt, everyone in the office knows how strongly I view safeguarding and that is why I know safeguarding is always given top priority.

Karen – Head of Recruitment & Safeguarding
0113 390 1003

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