Meet the team - Aaron - Wakefield Primary Recruiter

Here’s the latest installment of Academic Appointments “Meet the team”. This week its Aarons turn who looks after Primary Recruitment in the Wakefield area.


How long have you been working for AA?  - 5 weeks

What is your favourite thing about AA?  - The people. Everyone has been really helpful and no question has been too big for anyone. A great team!

What is your favourite film? -  It’s got to be said – Flubber. I just found it hilarious when I was a kid and any film with Robin Williams is great!




What is your favourite TV show?  - The Chase – Although I am terrible when trying to answer the questions under the timer, I like to compete against myself and see how much money I would take back to the team and potentially take home (we can always dream). I think the most I have taken back to the team is 10K – So maybe I wouldn’t be that bad to have on the team!

What is your favourite food? -  Indian- you can’t beat a good curry. Sucker for a Korma (although some people tell me I can’t class that as a curry!) I do love a Bhuna too!

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you’d do?  - Firstly, I would get straight on the phone and make sure it was definitely true! After that, I would start planning that trip around the world that I’m dreaming of!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself? -  I once served Prince Harry at a restaurant in Leeds. Didn’t recognise him until after he left, when management were looking on the CCTV – Oops!

How would you rate your brew making skills out of ten? -  8 – Always room for improvement.  Sally Pullan didn’t say it was a bad cuppa when I made her a tea and I’m sure she was the first person I made a brew!


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