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My Work Experience at Academic Appointments by Drew Sheldon

For my work experience, I decided to try my hand at working in marketing, whilst also getting an inside look on how a teaching recruitment agency works, from sales calls to financing, I have truly had a massive insight into the business world.

My week began with a quick Health and Safety walk around with Julia, making sure to know all the different fire exits and little details on office etiquette, which everybody within the office managed to keep too, i.e. no shouting across the room and no vulgarities. This was useful to know and made sure that I didn’t do anything wrong that I didn’t already think of not to do. After this short introduction, I was taken to the Candidate team. The Candidate team have the job of making sure that all the different candidates (Cover supervisors, teachers, TA’S) have the correct checks and are fit for the job. Luckily for me they also manage interviews with candidates.

I had the privilege of sitting through an interview with a girl looking for work as a TA. Throughout this interview process, I realised just how in depth these interviews must be, they have to make sure that they have a vast amount of details, including 2 proofs of address, and information proving they have all the correct checks, including DBS and Police checks. The interviewer must also get an insight into how well the candidate will work with children, asking how they would manage behaviour within the classroom. Once the interview process was complete, they are introduced to the consultants, who will manage their placements. All of this information is then put onto Academic Appointments systems for future reference. This was a great experience, as I had never been into an interview for anything besides college before and it was great to get a view of an interview from the interviewer’s point of view.

After having lunch and getting to have closer conversations with some of the employees of Academic Appointments in a lighter hearted environment, I sat in on a marketing team briefing, in which the tasks and targets for the week were assigned, and I received my own tasks for the week as well. After these tasks were assigned, I watched and helped out with posting on all of Academic Appointments social media pages, including their website. The main task was to post about the Job of the Day, which the consultants have worked together to decide which is most needed.

Tuesday began with assisting on finding the news story for the morning to post on social media, this took longer than expected as it was difficult to find an interesting, education based news story. Once this small task was over with, I was over to Claire to learn about how all the telephones and computers work, learning all about how all the phones and computers are connected through wires beneath the floor boards, and above the office. I was also treated to a short slideshow explaining some of the background of Academic Appointments, and the new building “Templar House.” This was extremely interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning a lot more about how an office works.

I spent the afternoon with the Sales team, finding out all about PROGRESS, ENABLE and GUIDANCE. I also learnt all about the different teams managing Secondary, Primary and SEND. Also, during this time I listened in on a few sales calls. This experience made me respect the job, as the consultants have to deal with people not picking up or being rude whilst having to maintain friendly, polite voice.
The next morning, I had the responsibility of finding out the news story for the day and posting it on the different social media pages, from Twitter to LinkedIn. I found a story from that day about Private Tutors having to face criminal records checks, and put it into my own words whilst making sure to provide links to the source article.

I spent a lot of time working to manage the scheduling of posts, adding captions to a lot of posts and making sure they were going to go on social media at the right time. After this I took the afternoon to scroll through Twitter and look through from the Yorkshire area, and a few beyond, that I could find and make sure to follow them on the Academic Appointments account. There was a lot to get through, thus taking up the rest of the day. Though this may seem a leisurely activity, it was in fact stressful as many schools did not have twitter or had a different name for their twitter. However, eventually I managed to follow every school I could and soon enough we had schools following them, and by the end of the week we had a follower increase of 10, making us more noticeable and meaning that more schools will take notice and hopefully use us Academic Appointments.

Thursday was great, we spent the day helping out with the Leeds Active Olympic Event. To begin the day, Alisha and I were greeted with lanyards to let the schools and school children at the event know that we were taking photos throughout the day for Active Schools and for us. We were also given a sheet of things to do, mainly involving asking people at the event for their comments on it. I spent the day with Alisha walking around the event, taking pictures where ever we could. I was in charge of taking the photos that would be used by Active Schools, and Alisha the photos for Academic Appointments, probably taking over 100 between us. We were also managing the social media accounts, making sure to keep people updated with what’s going on. The job of getting quotes was near impossible, as many of the officials at the event where consistently busy and unable to give us any information, however we pulled through by making sure to ask a few extra pupils and teachers, and finding out about a few of the organisations that were at the event. The day finished with a extremely large, and extremely large, Samba band made of many primary school students.

This all brings us to today, my last day. The morning began with looking through and making sure that everything that was meant to have posted, had. This was followed up by spending some time learning about the analytical side of marketing, and helping with working out the averages and putting them into a spreadsheet to keep things up to date. After this, I worked with the finance team making sure that the candidates were each paid properly and making sure they had actually worked the days that they were supposed to. I was present for the whole team meeting, in which people shared stats and figures of the prior week, making sure to applaud any good news, and give suggestions and advice on how to improve. Once all of these formalities were over, I began work on this blog. My Friday has been full of work, and once I have finished this blog my final task is to queue all of the media content for the next week.
All in all, my week with Academic Appointments has been a success, I have had a massive insight into the ways that many things in an office and business environment work. The week has given me a lot of respect for all of the employees working for Academic Appointments, as each and every single one of them works extremely hard to ensure that everything is going right, and they all are integral to the working of the company, each department working to help everyone. I’ve enjoyed my time, and look forward to being told of how Academic Appointments develops in future, and I’d like to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity.

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