Pointers for Portfolio Perfection - By Karen Thompson

You will rarely be the only one going for a job, make sure that you are the one that stands out – for the right reasons!

Many mistakes can be put right, but you will NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression – make sure it’s the best


Dress code

  • NO jeans
  • Hair and nails clean
  • Smart, appropriate footwear


  • Be organised, know where you are going, how you are going to get there and how long it will take
  • If going by car, know about parking arrangements


  • As a potential role model for the school’s children and a representative of the school, NEVER use foul language, refer to children as children, NOT kids!


  • Head teachers and staff meet other head teachers and staff, NEVER make negative comments about another school. You just don’t know who knows who!

Be honest

Do your research

  • What was their last Ofsted? What’s their catchment area? Why is the current Teacher leaving

SHINE AND SMILE – schools want to see that you WANT this job!


Put a portfolio together to show how brilliant you are, this may include:

  • A front cover showing your name and subject specialism
  • A short piece about yourself (keep this brief, previous experience, interests etc.) – show your enthusiasm
  • Contents – so whoever is looking at your portfolio can find everything
  • Lesson plan – annotated. This may be one you have produced yourself or one you have worked from. Annotations should show impact of lesson, if adapted, reasons for adaptation
  • Evidence of resources, your ability to adapt and reflect
  • Copy of a marked piece of work showing feedback given and engagement with the learner, including their response (such as following piece of improved work)
  • Photograph of a display you have done
  • Evidence of assessment
  • Feedback you have received – comments are always better if you can evidence written comments
  • Relevant certificates
  • Always remember confidentiality – no names or images of pupils
  • Check ALL spellings

Having supported schools for many years, we’ve come to understand what it is they like and dislike.  Of course, it’s as much about being a right fit for you as it is the school.  If you meet with a school and quickly realise it's not for you, maintain your professionalism and report back to us with your feedback and we will manage the rest.

We’ve told them how AMAZING you are – now show them!


Karen Thompson

Head of Recruitment & Safeguarding

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