Spotlight On Lauren...

Today is a bit different to mine and Lauren’s usual Wednesday meetings, as this week I am interviewing her!

Lauren looks like she is experiencing a mix of emotions as she did not know what questions I was about to fire her way!

How long have you worked at Academic Appointments?

I’ve worked at Academic Appointments for I think it will be 7 years now, I joined in 2010 and it’s now 2017! [both laugh] Good Maths there Lauren!

So, when you first came to Academic Appointments you didn’t work in permanent and leadership recruitment, so what was your first role?

My first job title at Academic Appointments was Candidate Manager [pauses and corrects herself] Candidate Attraction Manager, yeah that was my first role!

What do you love most about your job?

I love {emphasis] it when [thinks about which point to say first] I make the client and the candidate really happy, and that’s happened quite a lot recently [smiles] That’s just the most amazing thing when the teacher or leader gets the job that they just really really want and the school gets someone that they really really want, [urm] and especially if the school struggled to get there in the first place, I just feel like I’ve really achieved something then [grins and looks proud of herself]

You previously worked in the marketing sector, so what made you make the move to education recruitment?

So, [pauses] urm… when I was working in marketing I was working for a really small company, it was literally just me and the director and I think I was only 21 and I was working from home, and as much as I really enjoyed the job, I just felt like I needed to be around more people [laughs] I started looking online at different opportunities and I found a job for a Trainee Recruitment Consultant and I liked the sound of it, and yeah ended up getting the job and not looking back! [grins]

If you could choose 1 amenity to add to the workplace what would it be?

[Lauren looks nervous whilst answering this question] Well I think the only thing, our office is brilliant, the only thing that we're lacking is an onsite bar [both laugh] and maybe a beauty salon as well so we can have our nails done at lunchtime. [both laugh and agree]

What is the 1 thing in this world you are most proud of?

I already knew what Lauren’s answer was going to be, but I just had to ask!

Orr [very quick with response] I’m most proud of my little girl Layla [laughs and looks proud] You may have seen the lovely Layla on our social media, she often pops into the office and has quite become the face of Academic Appointments social media!

Where would you say is the most exotic place you’ve visited?

Definitely the most exotic place was Malaysia, went there on my honey moon, and we went to 3 different places in Malaysia called Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Borneo and yeah it was beautiful. [smiles]

Do you remember a teacher that influenced you the most?

When I was at school? [I reply with yes] Yes I do, in fact there was several, I think the two that really stand out in my mind was my History Teacher, Mrs Hirst who was just so charismatic and animated in everything she did she really just brought the History to life. Also my English Teacher, Mr Fletcher, for the same reasons really he was very good at bringing the characters that we were studying to life and we always did really different sorts of tasks, I really remember those two [grins]

What is one goal that you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?

Eugh that’s a really hard one, isn’t it? [I agree, I can’t think of just one goal I would like to achieve myself!] I’ve got several goals, but I think the [stutters] main one really is to make sure that [pauses] I am happy, cos if I’m happy then my little girls more likely to be happy, and my husband will be happy [laughs] That’s a really rubbish sort of goal. [I disagree and say it’s an amazing one] I think off the back of that, that obviously it’s to be happy and to make sure that Layla has the best [emphasis] life she possibly can, you know, it means me achieving certain aspects of my career goals early and retiring early [smirks] and being around for her, and her kids and then you know, that would be amazing.

So, lastly describe yourself in 3 words!

Orr blooming heck [Looks at me for help] urmm…think talkative [long pause] urm… I would say I’ve got, I’m energetic, [pause] OMG [laughs] It’s really hard! (repeats herself) Talkative, energetic, and… [pause] I can’t think of a third! Sociable? [both laugh]

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