Spotlight On Lucie....

What better way to interview Lucie, than in our Candidate Interview room!

Lucie looked a tad bit uncomfortable, as she had no idea what questions I was about to fire her way, and more importantly what I would find out...

So, Lucie, you are our Compliance Administrator, what does your role involve?

It involves the clearance process for candidates, so it’s chasing references, putting DBS checks into place and various safeguarding checks to make sure that everyone that’s in school, should be in school… basically. In a nutshell, I add [both laugh]

How long have you worked at Academic Appointments?

I’ve worked… It was 4 years’ last month, so urm quite a long time really! So you’ve been here from when there was not many to now an extended team, I ask. When I first started, I think there was maybe… Wait I’ll have to count [pause, whilst Lucie count’s on her fingers] I think there was maybe like 10/11 of us and now there’s loads of us! As well I can remember when I first started, we were that close in the office that I could literally swivel in my chair and tap one of the consultants on the shoulder and be like “have you seen that candidate?” rather than having to shout or get up, or use your phone I add! [Both laugh]

What do you love most about your job?

I would say that, probably the satisfaction of, sort of helping a candidate find the job, whilst I’m not necessarily finding the specific role for them, to know that you’ve helped along the way and made it as easy as possible and a smooth process, and an enjoyable [emphasis] process, hopefully! It’s very rewarding [looks proud] I’m like the little person you don’t see behind the scenes but I’m always happy when I hear that someone’s got the job, and I know that I helped with that.

You’re currently at University, what are you studying?

I’m studying English Literature through the Open University and it’s hard [emphasis] but fun! And you’re due to finish very soon! YES! [I can see the relief on Lucie’s face!] I finish at the end of May, so I’m on countdown now, it’s very exciting! [Grins]

This one’s for you Lucie! Have you ever sang karaoke? What’s “your” song?

I have sang karaoke [looks embarrassed] I even much to everyone’s displeasure gave them a little ditty at last years’ end of term party… Trust me now it was very good! And I would definitely say my song is Valerie, Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, I think everyone likes it. I like a good sing song, I’ve always sung since I was little, so any chance to get on the karaoke machine, I’m first in line! [Both laugh]

Who was your most influential school teacher, and why?

Hmmm...Most influential, am I allowed to have more than one? Yeah, why not, I respond… because I have a top three, but I’ll be really quick! My top three, there not in any particular order… Mrs McDongh in English was absolutely amazing, she was the person who made me want to study English at a higher level, she just made it… she was just fantastic [emphasis] she made things come alive! I used to look forward to her class, and she had that great balance of treating you like adults whilst giving you the fun creative side that kids should have, she was absolutely amazing, she was brill [emphasis] I really loved her! Then there was Mr Stevenson, who was my Drama Teacher, he was bob on! He was amazing, I actually enjoyed his lesson so much I used to go volunteer with him when I left in sixth form because he was so fantastic like he really inspired me! [Smiles] My final one is Mr Cunningham, who urmm was just amazing! When my dad was poorly he was just, I could go sit with him and he’d help me, I wouldn’t feel like it was the end of the world, it was brill.

What was your favourite TV show growing up?

Eughh [huffs] I don’t feel like it’s a conventional choice. I absolutely loved ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, which your looking at me blank [which I was!] like you don’t know what that is [laughs] It’s an improvisation show, so basically 4 comedians improvisers get a theme and have to create a scene, it is hilarious [emphasis] What channel was that on? I don’t know it was in the 80’s [laughs] it’s older than me! I thought you were going to say it was Mona the Vampire or something [we often sing the theme tune… Don’t ask!] I did used to love that as a kid, I think I did my parents headin, I used to watch it a lot, but I loved it that much that they did a revile show the other summer in London so I went to go see it! Although I was also quite partial to Arthur [starts singing the theme tune!]

If you could be on any TV game show, which one would it be?

Orr, I know this! [No hesitation] The chase! I LOVE a quiz, and I LOVE Bradley Walsh like I really love him [I think Lucie definitely likes him!] So I would want to meet him to go on the show! Although if someone took a minus offer, I would be very upset. Do you think you’d win? I don’t know… I’d like to think I would be in with a good chance, I think I might be able to get like a grand or two, I think I’d be okay! [Grins] Aim big Lucie!

What is one goal that you would like to accomplish by the end of the year?

Hmm… interesting! [Pause] Let me think… In a professional capacity, I would like to finish my degree in May, so I think by the end of this year I’d like to be really starting my career and sort of taking things up a step here and becoming more involved in the candidate team! Yeah hopefully, that’s my aim! Have you got a personal goal? Personal Goal… I don’t know! Urmm maybe to make the most of the celebrating side of the graduation, maybe have a nice party and go out for the day!

Last but not least, describe yourself in 3 words!

Oh, three words!? Does ‘and’ count? [Both laugh] I would say [pause] I don’t know… Can I call my Mum? [Both laugh] Three words… Let me think, I’d like to think I’m quite compassionate, does that sound big headed though? Okay, I’ll go compassionate, urm… optimistic, I think people should definitely be optimistic and witty! Compassionate, optimistic and witty, I’ll go with that!

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