Temple Newsam Learning Partnership (TNLP)

Academic Appointments are thrilled to work in partnership with the Temple Newsam Learning Partnership (TNLP).

The TNLP are a group of local schools and partners that’s primary aim is to enable better education across all points of access, therefore improving the local and wider community. They work by supporting children and families in schools in order to raise expectations and achievement for future generations. With over 15 members within the group, they are a large body and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of their bigger picture as a Community Member.

As the leading education recruitment agency in all of Yorkshire, our aim is to provide staffing support to all of our clients. We don’t mix and match the average, we hand pick the best and deliver continuous results within the schools we work with. In doing this we are playing a key part in providing the best possible source of education to all students, and in this, looking after the local community. On top of this, we are now supporting the TNLP inside and outside of school by sponsoring trust activities to benefit all for the future.

Are you aged 15+?
Are you a parent or carer?
Are you a member of the local community?
All yes? Then you’re eligible!!

Give Gemma Sargeant a call on 07891 272113 or email at g.sargeant@tmhs.co.uk

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