The Marketing Departments 1st Birthday!

It is quite hard to believe that a year ago today I started my apprenticeship in Marketing at Academic Appointments. However, it is not only my work anniversary, it is also the Marketing Departments' 1st birthday!

A year ago today Matthew, Danni and I formed the brand new Marketing Department at Academic Appointments! Although Matthew has now moved on after completing his apprenticeship, myself and Danni have kept the department going strong. There may only be two of us but the department has grown massively! It has been such a privilege to be part of this and of course, the company.

When I had my interview at Academic Appointments I knew it was a company that I wanted to work and progress in, the whole environment was welcoming, and I felt right at home.

It is also quite hard to believe just how far I have come, and I didn’t realise this until recently when I looked back at the marketing I first devised when I started, compared to what I am devising now. This is only a positive point as this shows just how much I have progressed over the year.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my apprenticeship at Academic Appointments and work alongside my Manager Danni, who each day I learn something new from. Together we make a fantastic team!

I look back at old comments on social media from over a year ago about how badly I wanted to find an apprenticeship, I now laugh when I see these comments because I am now fulfilling this which is a great feeling!

I am so glad I took the apprenticeship route than rather than going to University, as this has benefited me so much more.

I am excited for the future and what my marketing career holds!

Alisha Kelly
Apprentice Marketing Assistant

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