What is The Collective Six?

Ever since the introduction of our General Manager in February, we have been rolling out our brand new business model across our entire client base in Yorkshire. Our schools all know our specialisms and skill set, now it’s time to tell you!

We decided instead of sticking with the conventional recruitment methods, we’d listen to the market and our clients’ requirements and then build up the business based upon identified needs and supporting pupil progress. We are a boutique recruitment agency and that personable and unique service we provide sets us apart from other agencies. We are driven by the positive changes we can make to each and every young learner’s life and that was without a doubt the priority when developing our new business model. We elected to name it, ‘The Collective Six’.

Cover Today’

We fully understand that one disrupted day can make a massive difference on learner’s and understand the importance of making sure each void is filled with a high quality and versatile replacement. Whether it is one day to cover a sickness or two weeks to cover paternity, we are here to help. We have candidates whose lifestyle suits this flexible working pattern and who enjoy the variety supply brings. We have teachers who work exclusively for us providing a wealth of talent to choose from.

For every ‘Cover Today’ user, we make 7 promises:

  1. We will listen
  2. A 10 minute call back is guaranteed
  3. Charge rates are transparent
  4. Our team are easily contactable with direct dials
  5. We are honest and upfront
  6. All candidates will have passed extreme vetting and clearance checks
  7. We offer a contribution guarantee

We offer a 24 hour service that gives access to over a 100 vetted cleared, guaranteed standby candidates. Please note this service is available for all educational staff in all sectors across the entire Yorkshire region.


‘Classified’ is a tailored service to meet every individual long term requirement. Alarmingly in 2015 73% of our clients had to re-advertise at least one of their positions. Why waste time advertising for jobs internally when we have over a 100 cleared candidates waiting for work? We commit to ensuring our candidates make a positive impact on our school’s attainment and levels.

Our dedicated divisions will work together to:

  1. Understand all requirements
  2. Match the applicant’s skill set from the very start
  3. Commit to the 72 hour timescale detailed in our brochure
  4. Effectively communicate
  5. Ensure continued professional development is given throughout the placement

We can guarantee:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Value for money
  3. Time saved
  4. Safety
  5. Flexibility
  6. 100% satisfaction guaranteed


We have listened to the issues faced by many head teachers and LEAs, there is a shortage but we have a solution! You said you need full time, quality English, Maths, Science and Primary Specialists so we created ‘AdvanTEACH’!

It is no secret that teachers are leaving the profession due to heavy workloads and a lack of work/life balance. The Solution - we have taken our corporate responsibility one step further by offering an alternative to help talented teachers stay in the profession and help schools recruit the best teachers. Yes it is a risk, but it’s our risk, not yours!

  1. All candidates are employed directly by Academic Appointments LTD
  2. 100% exclusivity
  3. Highly qualified, with recent permanent experience of working within schools (no longer than 12 months out)
  4. Competency based recruitment process detailed below
  5. Ongoing performance management and CPD provided by in-house senior leadership

All candidates must be fully qualified, available 5 days a week and seeking long term work.

The recruitment process is as follows:

  1. Filter & Prescreen
  2. Application
  3. Video Interview
  4. Group Assessment
  5. Panel Interview
  6. References
  7. Observation
  8. Placement
  9. Continuous Performance Management

Through this lengthy recruitment process we can guarantee that the successful applicants are ‘the cream of the crop’ and be 100% confident that they will deliver exceptional quality within the classroom.


Our ‘SEND’ division is a market leader across the region, delivering consistently outstanding results across the spectrum. In Feb 2015/16, our ‘SEND’ Division delivered 11,552 days in 68 unique ‘SEND’ settings, resulting in 370 happy candidates across Yorkshire.

With 21 years of combined education experience across the division, we will:

  1. Dedicate time to understand how each school works and the individual needs of each learner
  2. Ensure all the candidates we recruit have the relevant training and competencies to complete the required role
  3. Develop relevant training packages for all candidates
  4. Deliver regular CPD events to ensure our candidates remain upskilled & knowledgeable

We don’t just recruit staff; we deliver the highest quality training as well! Our training schemes vary from Team Teach all the way to SLCN (including Makaton). Not only that, but we are also very fortunate to have a qualified Dyslexia Assessor, previous SLE member and National SENCo Award Champion Tutor in the team.


Funding cuts, teacher shortages and learner over subscription are just a few of the factors that are potentially affecting learners and their opportunity to make progress. Late 2015 statistics show than 1 in 4 (25%) of all learners have an external private tutor outside of school – that is a 7% increase since 2005.

Factors and statistics like the above, plus working methodologies including Attainment 8 and Progress 8, and the added accountability placed on head teachers to ‘close the gap’ combined with years of experience providing tuition & intervention gave way to the creation of  our ‘Progress’ model.

What are the benefits?

  1. Improves learner confidence levels
  2. Enhances learner personal & social development
  3. Delivers consistent and high quality results
  4. Outcome based accountability measures
  5. Effective deployment of Pupil Premium
  6. Evidence tracking for website publications
  7. Tailor made packages

Why choose ‘Progress’?

  1. Recruitment Standards: We only recruit using our ‘12 point check’ process and we are REC Audited Education accredited – the ‘Gold’ standard in Education recruitment
  2. Tutor Matching: ‘One size does not fit all’. The division will work to match our tutors to individual learners.
  3. Experience: Not only have our Tuition Division successfully delivered over 100,000 hours of tuition, Academic Appointments are the only company to work in Partnership with Leeds City Council provision for ‘Children Looked After’
  4. Satisfaction: over 95% of our learners and carers have declared to be ‘very satisfied’ with our tutors and service provided
  5. Ease: we make the process very easy. One call is all it takes and we do the rest
  6. Proven track record of results. In the October – December 2015 Tuition Report, 49% of learners progressed, 37% did not have level comparison however had evidenced some form of progress.


More and more we hear of SLT members leaving the profession and middle leaders being pressurised to step up. This inexperience could lead to a collapse in attainment and affect overall results and future of our next generation. This is why Academic Appointments have created ‘Guidance’.

‘Guidance’ is a commitment to giving school(s) integral help and support with the access to and use of talent pipelines, enabling us to work in partnership to find you the highest calibre of staffing.

Why trust us?

  1. 100% Confidential
  2. Extensive network and relationships with existing school leaders
  3. Commitment to School Development Plan
  4. Existing relationship with Academy Trusts & SIPs
  5. Over 64 years of combined experience working in education
  6. Over 17 years of combined leadership experience

Our team consists of 3 School Governors; 1 former Headteacher; 1 former Assistant Headteacher; 3 former teachers; and 2 former support staff. We know the profession, we have the experience, and we can give you great guidance!

The coming years are looking incredibly bright for us due to substantial business growth. It is through these business plans we aim to achieve this. For anymore information on any of our business plans or to register/submit a vacancy, please call 0113 390 1000.

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