'What led me into Education Recruitment?' - Blog by Scott

Are you a Graduate looking to kick-start your career?

Have you ever considered a career in education recruitment?

Scott is a perfect example of just how you can kick-start your career in education.

Scott joined Academic Appointments in 2016 and had no previous experience of education recruitment. Scott is now a Secondary Consultant here at Academic Appointments and looks after our Leeds and Wakefield secondary schools.

Read about Scott’s decision to start a career in education recruitment below...

‘What led me into recruitment?

My past work history on paper looks a world apart from Education recruitment, but in reality, it is this experience that has enabled me to find a role at a great company and succeed.

The Army taught me discipline, time management and good organisation. Whereas my time as a custody officer gave me great interpersonal skills and diversity.

I worked with juvenile’s and young adults in the prison system and built up a picture that they tended not to of had a good education or role model within a school setting. I wanted to help to change that which is the reason Education recruitment stood out. Secondly, my skills and personality mean that recruitment and sales are not areas I struggle with or see as a barrier. I am able to be confident around peers and can be influential without coming across as arrogant which in recruitment and sales, always puts you in good stead.

I am now able to be the maker of my own future and can hopefully make a difference in some way to helping young people and educational system in my local areas.’

If you would like more information or would like to apply for our Graduate Recruitment Consultant position then please click here or alternatively call our Sales Manager on 0113 390 1016.

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