Why should you advertise your vacancies through an agency?

"I've advertised my vacancy... If they don't apply direct I'm not interested..."

It can be frustrating for a school to pay for a vacancy to be advertised to then be approached by an agency with 'great candidates' for the advertised post.

Why don't these 'great candidates' just apply for the vacancy?

The misconception can be that teachers using agencies to find permanent work are deemed as 'lazy' when it's actually quite the opposite.

Below are testimonials from teachers we have recently successfully placed for September 2018 and January 2019 starts. These testimonials showcase just why teachers come to Academic Appointments, rather than scrolling through the hundreds of jobs being advertised online.

Lee, Progress Leader of Science, Starting September 2018 - "After a few years of teaching in the same school, I decided that a change was necessary and I was ready to move on. Scrolling through TES adverts every day didn't really help with trying to choose a school where I would fit in and be able to progress, therefore it was really useful to work with Academic Appointments who know the schools a bit more personally and can offer some great advice."

Kimberley, Teacher of Maths, Started June 2018 - "Your time is scarce during your training year, pulled from the many different directions of lesson planning, reflecting on practice, as well as marking and completing your own assignments. This leaves precious little time to look for jobs as an NQT, and even less to complete the long-winded application forms and the many hurdles you have to jump through! I had previously applied for two other roles in schools, to then be told that they were looking for someone with more experience. Of course, I felt disheartened of the time I had wasted, which is when my university tutor referred me to Academic Appointments. They spoke to the links at the school so that I knew exactly what they were looking for. Within the week, I had a place at a school just around the corner from me. The team were very supportive and gave me excellent advice throughout the undeniably quick process! I would still be looking for a job without them!"

Claire, Teacher of Maths +TLR, Starting September 2018 - "Thank you for your work in getting me this position. I have found Academic Appointments to make the experience of securing a new job really easy and much less stressful than I expected. From the start, you were extremely friendly and you listened to what I wanted and acted accordingly and decisively. I felt supported throughout the whole speedy process and your friendly approach made the experience almost enjoyable."

Maxine, Achievement Director of English, Starting January 2019 - "As a teacher, you often want to progress within your career, but the very demands of the job can make this a challenge. That's where Academic Appointments and its amazing team comes in. Their astute and professional approach means that like me you could find your dream job in 7 days. I registered with the team on the 7th of June and I had a permanent appointment in a substantive post by the 15th. Their focused support allows you to be selective in your job search while guaranteeing they will work hard to obtain the best places for you. Registering with Academic Appointments is one of the best career moves I have made. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Thanks immensely." 

Belinda, Teacher of Science +TLR, Starting September 2018 - "Sally and Lauren at Academic Appointments have been amazing. They found me the perfect teaching post, were very patient, kept in constant contact and gave me lots of excellent advice, especially about schools who were interested in my CV. They provided me with constructive feedback and made me feel like an individual rather than just another number looking for a teaching post. They are highly professional, experts in their fields and are a credit to Academic Appointments."

Perhaps you've filled a September vacancy on a temporary basis and you're planning on re-advertising the post for a January Start?

Try Academic Appointments first! What have you got to lose?

Unlike advertising, there is NO upfront cost to using our service! We can undertake a proactive search for the right candidate and you can meet with and interview candidates without paying a penny, fees are only chargeable upon successful placement.

We may be able to still help with September Appointments!

Get in touch today on 0113 390 1008.

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